SUMMARY:  When it comes to business expenses, a company car is one of the largest. Employers must protect these assets, and the people who drive them, as diligently as they do their servers, computers and software. With Hawkeye, Sydney Technology Solutions seems to have found a way for them to do that more easily.

Sydney Australia 26 June 2012 – It’s sad, but not everyone is honest, and accidents do happen. So, what can an employer do to ensure that the company car goes where it should when it should? How can an employee ensure that he turns in accurate expense reports during his business travels?

The founders of Sydney Technology Solutions have created Hawkeye, a software program that allows employers to keep track of company cars and helps employees to accurately track mileage.

Hawkeye has numerous features such as a vehicle tracking system that lets employers know everything that’s going on with their companies’ vehicles, such as where they’re located or whether or not they’re being towed. The geo-fencing feature allows employers to keep cars within a certain radius. So, if a company car were to get stolen or an employee got carjacked, Hawkeye could remotely shut the car down and prevent the thieves from taking it to another part of the country. The remote shut-down feature can also help if a driver has a heart attack or seizure and a passenger is there to make the necessary call. If an employee has a lead foot, Hawkeye can control the speed, ensuring that the employee obeys posted speed limits.

Hawkeye’s GPS system comes in handy when an employee has an accident in an unfamiliar area. Rescuers can arrive more quickly and prevent a tragedy. Employees who always forget to note mileage when visiting clients, prospects or vendors can use Hawkeye to ensure that they always submit accurate expense reports.

“We took a hobby and turned it into a business idea because we thought Hawkeye was something that would bring value to our customers,” said STS co-founder Adam Rippon.

Hawkeye is a cost-effective software program that helps employers and employees to stay safe and protect some of their companies’ most valuable pieces of hardware.


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