Symantec CloudAccording to Symantec, its Backup Service is lacking mobile and content- sharing features, so they will be shutting it down. Symantec has asked its resellers to stop providing annual subscriptions and renewals for Backup by January 6th 2014.  Symantec will provide information about refunds at a later date; in the meantime users are entitled to Backup Exec on-premises backup software for 35 percent off list price. Existing customers can continue using the service until one year after the service is shut down — However, as of January 6, 2015, Backup Service will be completely shut down.

Symantec has decided to focus on more productive and feature-rich cloud-based applications that include the functionality customers want and need.

“Customers want features such as synch & share and mobile access. Backup was not designed with these features in mind,” Symantec explained.

Backup services are extremely important for businesses today and are becoming more complex. Today’s businesses need to back up data from more than one location—such as virtual machines, mobile devices and cloud-based services. Fortunately, cloud-based options for backing up data are readily available.

In fact, Symantec offers a variety of data protection products, including hybrid and on-premise backup and recovery. In addition, they offer Norton Zone for file synchronization and sharing. Symantec will continue to invest in backup and recovery products that suit the needs of users, including its on-premise Backup Exec product and NetBackup software.

While the service and support will end on January 6th, 2015, customers can use the service for another year after the end date. However, it’s important for businesses to think about migrating to another backup service to avoid data loss.

Your company’s data is the culmination of your entire staff’s work over the years. What if a manmade or natural disaster occurred? Ask yourself:

1. Is your data backed up securely?

2. Would it survive a manmade or natural disaster?

3. Can you afford to risk your data?

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