From Lion to Mountain Lion 

Using a Mac does have its frustrating moments. None was as frustrating as Apple Lion, though. Recently the company has upgraded to Mountain Lion, but Lion was the operating system that led to around 50% of all Mac users holding off on the update and instead sticking with to Snow Leopard. This is fantastic for new Mac users as they are now able to move past the disappointment that was Lion.

The Problems with Lion

The reasons why Lion received so much negative press from users were due to a multitude of things that encompassed pretty much everything. They didn’t show Apple in the most positive light and Lion will always be remembered as the platform that irritated everybody who was using it.

The main problems with Lion can be summed up thus:

  • A completely unusable interface as there were constant problems and things disappeared and reappeared in places that completely rewrote the idea of logic.
  • The unprofessionalism when it was revealed that the Lion software was actually being updated by vendors from third-parties.
  • The fact that it was incredibly slow in doing all but the most simple of tasks.

Mountain Lion Changes

Mountain Lion has definitely gone a long way to solving the issues that caused Lion users to tear their hair out. After trying it out on a MacBook Pro it definitely has received a speed upgrade. The actions are smoother, which is actually a throwback to the Leopard platform. This means that searching for a specific message in Apple Mail now takes mere seconds, as it should be, whereas it took minutes while using Lion.

It should also be mentioned that a push towards the iPad is clear as now platforms like TextEdit demand that all files are saved on the iCloud. It’s obvious that closer integration with Apple’s other devices is desired here, however, for old school Mac users, this will be a disappointing update for them.

Mountain Lion has also implemented some useful changes with the messaging system as iMessaging and iOS has been combined into Mac OS. Reminders have been added to this to make it a terrifically useful tool. But there will be varying opinions on the new pop-up notifications, as they can be a little hasty and pointless at times.

Overall, though, the transition from Lion to Mountain Lion is a change that will be welcomed by all Mac users as the improvements are vast, and a broken platform has been transformed into a sleek and shiny platform.

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