Managed cloud storage services like OneDrive and its new features help small businesses be more productive.

Many small businesses rely on their employees’ ability to work together intelligently and efficiently to get the job done. Perhaps the new marketing brochure needs to be reviewed by sales before going to print, or the latest operations plan requires input from accounting before being finalised. Getting all your employees together at the same time to work on a document can be difficult, however, especially since the nature of small business often requires employees to fulfill multiple roles. For these companies, a managed cloud storage service like Microsoft’s OneDrive can help colleagues collaborate more efficiently and seamlessly, and OneDrive’s newly-released management and file collaboration features make the service even more valuable for small businesses.

Microsoft OneDrive

One of OneDrive’s new file collaboration features is an enchanted syncing ability for all files, including both a user’s individual files stored on OneDrive and their team’s files shared through OneDrive and SharePoint Online. Previously, users were able to access all of their records stored on OneDrive from any PC or Mac; the latest update expands data accessibility by allowing users to also access and sync files shared through SharePoint team sites. What does this mean for small businesses? Your employees will be able to collaborate more easily because all team members will have the ability to access and work on documents shared through any of SharePoint’s team sites, including Office 365 Groups, OneDrive group folders and Microsoft Teams.

The ease with which small business employees can collaborate is also bolstered by OneDrive’s new simplified file sharing feature. Critically, this streamlined file sharing capability extends to users outside of your business’ team of employees. In other words, if your sales team is drafting a new marketing brochure and is working with an outside marketing agency to consult on the content, OneDrive’s enhanced file sharing feature will allow your employees to share their draft with your external marketing consultant seamlessly. OneDrive also prioritises your business’ security in file sharing by clearly labeling any individuals outside of your organisation who have been granted access to a file, helping to limit accidental sharing with unauthorised persons.

Lastly, OneDrive has introduced a new admin center, allowing your small business’ IT administrator to more easily and seamlessly manage your company’s cloud storage. Because this new administrative interface allows for robust control of file access and sharing options, your IT administrator will be able to exercise precise control of what files which members of your team are able to see and modify, providing necessary security checks for your business’ important data.

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