Why You Need a Sydney IT Managed Service to Monitor the Dark Web

The “dark web” is a frequently misunderstood term. Not many people use it and even those who know what it is aren’t always familiar with how it works. However, as a business owner in today’s world, you simply cannot afford to ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist. The dark web consists of websites that aren’t listed on Google and other search engines. In fact, you can’t even access these sites without a special browser. However, the dark web is estimated to contain about 7,500 TB of data and it’s at least 500 times larger than the internet most people use today. On the dark web are an array of websites selling illegal goods and/or services. Among these goods are lists containing personal information about businesses and individuals, including, but not limited to, full names and addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, CVVs, Social Security numbers, medical records, email addresses, and passwords. When hackers breach a company, the dark web acts as a hidden marketplace where cybercriminals can sell the stolen information to the highest bidder.

The Dark Web

What Does Dark Web Monitoring Do for Your Business?

Sydney Technology Solutions specializes in dark web monitoring to immediately remediate past data breaches and protect your business from future attacks. Following is an overview of the services you can expect as part of a comprehensive dark web monitoring package.

Threat Intelligence

The dark web isn’t just a place to sell stolen information. It’s also a “safe space” that hackers use to plan attacks. We can eavesdrop on illicit conversations and trends to see if hackers are planning to target your industry and/or business in the near future. Additionally, we can keep tabs on new cyberattack strategies to ensure your business isn’t vulnerable to new forms of malware.

Breach Monitoring

Breach monitoring, as the name implies, means scanning the dark web to see if your business data has been posted for sale. This service is imperative because recent data shows that, on average, it takes 197 days for a company to detect a data breach. Cybercriminals know that the longer they can access your network, the more data they can collect to sell or hold for ransom and so they keep their “back doors” secret to boost their profits. Our team puts an end to this scheme by detecting and immediately alerting you if your private business data has been posted for sale.

What’s more, our breach monitoring services don’t have to cover your business alone. We can also keep tabs on your suppliers and subcontractors. If their data is put up for sale on the web or has been there for some time, this alerts you to the fact that the people you are working with may not have strong cybersecurity and so pose a threat to your business.

Leak Source Identification

An eye-popping 95% of IT leaders are concerned about insider threats and it’s not hard to see why. Employee error is the primary cause of data breaches. All it takes is a single click on a malicious email or pop-up, a rushed response to what appears to be a legitimate change in wiring instructions or the careless misplacement of a personal cell phone that is also used for work purposes to give hackers unfettered access to your entire IT set-up. What’s more, there are also malicious employees who, for one or more reasons, deliberately give hackers access to your data. Thankfully, our dark web monitoring services will enable you to see where the leaks are coming from so you can address the root cause of the problem by either providing additional IT cybersecurity training to staff members or taking legal action against staff members collaborating with cybercriminals.

Stay Secure with Sydney Technology Solutions

Dark web monitoring is an important part of protecting your valuable information from hackers and dealing with the aftermath of a data breach. However, it’s not the only way to keep your company safe from hacks and breaches. To this end, Sydney Cybersecurity Solutions offers a plethora of cybersecurity tools and services to keep your IT set-up safe and secure at all times.

Layered Cybersecurity Services

It takes more than a single tool or cybersecurity strategy to protect your business. That’s why we take a layered approach to cybersecurity. Our team uses the best antivirus software, next-generation firewalls, website filtering, spam filtering, and software update services to protect your network from all manner of attacks.

24/7 Monitoring

Hackers work around the clock, and so does our team. We offer fulltime network monitoring services that will not only identify hacks and exterminate them but also look for potential vulnerabilities and deal with them before problems occur.

IT Consulting

We offer customized IT consulting services to meet your exact business needs. Our team will thoroughly assess your IT set-up to help you protect your business from all forms of intrusion. We also work with your staff members, offering cybersecurity training and testing that will help them understand and adhere to company cybersecurity regulations.

Are you sure your company is safe from all types of cyberattacks? If your answer isn’t a confident “yes”, get in touch with us at your convenience to learn more about our dark web monitoring and other cybersecurity services, or to make an appointment with our team of experienced IT cybersecurity technicians.