Microsoft Azure AustraliaMicrosoft’s Executive Vice President for Cloud + Enterprise Scott Guthrie announced that the company’s newest Azure Geography venture is open for business in Australia. “We’re adding an Australian accent to our global cloud network,” said Guthrie at TechEd Sydney.

Microsoft Azure is a platform for cloud services including web applications, data management, infrastructure services, development and virtual machine maintenance. Azure is a part of Microsoft’s cloud offering for business in tandem with Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics.

Adding an Azure Geo location will empower enterprise cloud users in Australia with lower latency rates, improved workload management and a host of new digital services. It will address data sovereignty considerations and include redundant regions in New South Wales and Victoria.

This addition to Azure Geography makes Australia the newest of 19 global regions for the platform.

Microsoft works closely with partner businesses to identify initiatives and navigate customer demands. Pip Marlow, Microsoft’s country managing director for Australia, said that “almost 70 per cent of our partners are small businesses… [and are] perfectly positioned to help our customers move to the cloud on their own terms.”

Ms Marlow said that there are many factors that drive customers to adopt Microsoft Azure, ranging from a demand for innovative growth solutions to developing new efficiencies for existing practices.

“Customers tell me that Microsoft Azure frees them to focus on what they really want to do – enabling and adding value to the business, driving innovation and impact faster and being able to focus on their customers – while leaving Microsoft to manage what’s under the hood.”

Microsoft also announced an expansion of its ExpressRoute platform in Australia. It will enable Microsoft Azure users by enabling the deployment of hybrid cloud environments that extend networks and enhance local network assets.

It allows the creation of private connections between the new Australia Azure region and infrastructure located on premises or in a colocation environment. This connection is made through a private intranet to ensure speed and security. This expansion of the ExpressRoute offering is made possible by existing alignments with Equinix and new partnerships between Microsoft and Telstra.

To learn more about Microsoft’s new Azure Geo platform in Australia, contact Sydney Technology Solutions by phone at (02) 8212 4722 or email at [email protected].