It’s been almost 25 years since Microsoft made any changes in their corporate logo. The new logo has been prevailed very recently where people could clearly see the link between new logo and the emerging products especially the Metro. In addition to the look and feel, there is also some other changes in the logo as well such as the new font Segoe and also has a similar symbol that you see in the Windows 8 startup screen. This is indeed a radical change from the previous old and plain Microsoft logo. The new logo now has a logotype and symbol where the old logo had only a logo type.

This logo had a mixed reaction among the loyal users of Microsoft. Some have really admired this change while a few were really skeptical about it.  However, the majority of the responses on the new logo have been quite positive. Officials at Microsoft are also very optimistic about the change and they are advocating the new logo as not only as a new avatar but also their philosophy. According to them, the colorful symbol indicates the diversity of Microsoft products and also the new approach.

However, there have been some concerns about the name of the logo itself.  Microsoft is endorsing is new logo as Windows 8 UI or Modern UI rather than Metro. Since there are some issues regarding copyrights, Microsoft will probably drop the name Metro for its new logo. However, it hasn’t been confirmed yet and we will have to wait a few more days for the announcement.

The new logo is now being promoted in most popular Medias including the official site of Microsoft itself. In addition to that, the new logo is also making its appearance in large airports and prominent public places. However, you will still see the previous logo for the time being as such an initiative takes a long time. The old logo has been in the mid of people for a very long time and this perception will still be there. Hence, we would recommend you not to get confused if you see both of the logo in two different Microsoft products.

So what do you think?