The Resurgence of Managed Services: A Dialogue Among CFOs

Finance has been abuzz with discussions about the re-emergence of managed services as a vital tool in strategic business planning. For CFOs, the escalating dialogues revolve around the question: why now? This article attempts to dissect this trend, delving into the reasons behind this renewed focus on managed services.

Why Managed Services?

The concept of managed services is far from new, but the CFO’s renewed interest is attributed to its promise of driving operational efficiency, cost savings, and strategic advantages. Managed services, essentially, represent an arrangement where businesses outsource specific processes and functions to specialist providers. The allure of managed services comes from their capacity to enhance productivity, reduce overhead, and facilitate the drive toward strategic business objectives.

The Resurgence of Managed Services

A Strategic Approach to Operational Efficiency

Managed services offer an avenue for companies to reallocate resources effectively. Instead of maintaining an in-house team for every business function, companies can outsource non-core activities to third-party providers with specific expertise. This strategic approach allows businesses to focus their resources on their core competencies, resulting in increased operational efficiency.

The Advantage of Cost Savings

Managed services often yield substantial cost savings. Outsourcing tasks to an expert team removes the need for significant infrastructure investment and recruitment costs. Moreover, by harnessing the power of managed services, businesses can convert their fixed costs into variable costs, thereby offering greater control over expenditures.

The Strategic Shift in Focus

The need for strategic alignment has never been more significant as the global economy becomes more interconnected. Managed services allow businesses to shift focus from transactional activities to strategic ones. Companies can invest more time and resources into building strategic initiatives and long-term growth plans with non-core functions handled by expert teams.

Managed Services and Technology

Managed services providers (MSPs) offer expert knowledge and capabilities in specific tech areas in an era of rapid technological advancement. This is especially valuable for companies lacking the in-house expertise to manage and optimize their technology usage. MSPs ensure businesses are not left behind in the digital revolution, providing them with the tools and support necessary for successful digital transformation.

Digital Transformation and Managed Services

One area where MSPs genuinely shine is in the facilitation of digital transformation. Companies can better align their technology strategies with business objectives by working with a proficient MSP. MSPs often provide cutting-edge solutions, enabling businesses to adapt quickly to changes in the technological landscape, thereby facilitating their digital transformation journey.

The Role of CFOs

For CFOs, the resurgence of managed services has opened up new avenues to drive operational efficiency, reduce costs, and align strategic goals. With a strategic shift in focus towards managed services, CFOs can balance their role between maintaining financial health and driving strategic business initiatives.

Managed Services: The Future

The re-emergence of managed services is far from a temporary trend. Instead, it marks a critical shift in how businesses operate and plan for the future. With a rapidly evolving technological landscape and an increasingly complex global economy, the role of managed services will continue to grow, providing businesses with the necessary tools to navigate these complexities and achieve their strategic objectives.


In a world where efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and strategic planning are paramount, the resurgence of managed services stands as a testament to its undeniable advantages. With the capacity to drive operational efficiency, yield significant cost savings, and support strategic alignment, managed services are increasingly becoming a focal point in boardroom discussions. As CFOs continue exploring the potential of managed services, we expect to see a further escalation of their role in strategic business planning.