Microsoft has finally announced that it is going to launch its much awaited operating system Windows 8, along with its new tablet offering, Surface RT. Microsoft has finally confirmed that it will launch Windows 8 in New York City on Oct. 25, 2012. It will be available for purchase on Oct. 26.

Microsoft remains mum when it comes to specifics about the venue, time or agenda for the launch event. After the launch event, Windows 8 will be released on October 26. Excitement continues to build among those who opted against downloading one of the preview versions. So much buzz has already been generated around the Metro style apps, faster processing speed and touch screen capabilities that Microsoft enthusiasts wait with bated breath for the launch date to finally arrive.

Although Microsoft may change the release date again, something that has been quite common for major companies when launching key products, it seems unlikely. It is expected that Microsoft will have some grand plans for the launching ceremony.  Consumers have high expectations for Windows 8, the new Surface RT tablet and even Internet Explorer 10 once they all become available to the general public in late October.