Making a public speech was never so easy. Everyone who ever made a speech in front an audience clearly knows how difficult it could be. There are a few people who are extroverted and have no problem talking to a large group or making a presentation. But not everyone is so lucky. To be honest, the majority of people have issues when they are about to make a presentation e.g. anxiety, nervousness, shyness, mumbling, etc. However, there a three easy tips that can help you to prepare yourself and make an effortless presentation or public speech in no time.

The first tip for effortless public speaking is to know you audience. You should do some research on your audience even before you make your notes. Once you know your audience you will be able to predict what kind of questions they might ask. This will give you guidance in your preparation and also confidence. It is always difficult to talk to strangers. However, when you talk to someone you already know, you will feel quite relaxed. Hence, it is a good idea to arrive in your presentation venue 30 minutes early and have an informal chat with the audience. It will surely help you in making a public speech.

The second tip for effortless public speaking is to know your material. When you are really certain about the topic you are going to discuss, you will feel really confident. However, if you have the slightest doubt on your subject, you will find that you are shivering in front of your audience. Hence, go through your topic very carefully and also practice before a mirror. The more you study and practice, the better you will get in public speaking.

The last tip for a wonderful presentation is to master the art of non-verbal communication. According to a study by Mehrabian, words only account for 7% of overall message delivery. What really connects you with your audience is your passion that can be expressed through your body language, eye contact, gestures, pitch, etc.

So, master these three golden rules, and you’ll become the master of public speaking.