cloud backup servicesCritical things to consider while choosing a cloud disaster recovery provider.

The age of cloud computing is at our doorstep and pretty soon every organisation, both small and large will switch to this. As cloud computing will be more cost effective, reliable and convenient, it will be the only option. However, there is still some scope for accidents in cloud computing such as data corruption or loss. This is where Disaster Recovery as a Service or DRaaS comes into the picture. Through this service, people will be able to recover their lost information. Although this is a booming area, many people still do not know what to consider when choosing a Disaster Recovery as a Service provider.

The first things to consider when selecting a Disaster Recovery as a Service provider are expertise, capacity and competency. Ask how long the company has been working in the business and how big its portfolio is. You should always prefer a company with more experience. You can also check out if the company has experience working with companies like yours or not. Do not forget to ask how many recoveries the team has performed and what its success rate is. In addition to that, look for financial stability, size of the installed base and the standing in the market of the company which you are going to trust with your valuable data.

You should also carefully go through the service level agreement of the company, which can be either generic or customized. Make sure that the agreement doesn’t have any ambiguous facts in it and also addresses your specific needs. Find out various details such as Disaster Declaration Procedure and Incident Management Triage Process, the geographic location of provider’s support centers and so on. In addition to the agreement, you should also find out about the data center of the company. Make sure that it has guaranteed uptime of 99.995%, compliance with Uptime Institute’s Tier 4 recommendations and other certifications such as the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) 16, SOC (Service Organisation Control) 1, etc. Last but not the least, go through the pricing of the companies and select the most competent one with the most affordable price.

Choosing the right DRaaS provider isn’t easy. But it can be done if you’re willing to take the time needed to do so.