social media consultingConvenience is the name of the game in the business world. People love it when they can synchronize different online accounts and save themselves a little bit of time. This is especially true for those who regularly publish posts on LinkedIn and Twitter. Well, it’s time to kiss some of that convenience good-bye.

According to Ryan Roslansky in a post on LinkedIn’s blog, as of Jun. 29, 2012, no longer have their tweets automatically post on their LinkedIn pages; however, status updates posted on LinkedIn will continue to post automatically in their Twitter feeds.

This change may have come about as the result of other changes going on at Twitter, specifically, the introduction of expanded tweets. Michael Sippey, in a post on Twitter’s blog, announced the advent of “Twitter cards,” which are “an important step toward where we are heading with our platform, which involves creating new opportunities to build engaging experiences into Twitter.”

Sippey went on to say, “These efforts highlight the increasing importance of us providing the core Twitter consumption experience through a consistent set of products and tools. Back in March of 2011, my colleague Ryan Sarver said that developers should not ‘build client apps that mimic or reproduce the mainstream Twitter consumer client experience.’ That guidance continues to apply as much as ever today. Related to that, we’ve already begun to more thoroughly enforce our Developer Rules of the Road with partners, for example with branding, and in the coming weeks, we will be introducing stricter guidelines around how the Twitter API is used.”

Twitter expects all of these changes to improve its users’ experiences with the platform. It probably doesn’t feel that way to marketers, recruiters and other professionals who make heavy use of Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with clients, prospects or job applicants through strategic tweets and links to relevant content. For them, it may just feel like extra work.

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