UK Firm Receives Help With IT Support From Sydney Technology Solutions In NSW

As Australians, we’re familiar with the challenges of working across timezones. Many of our clients and business contacts operate in connection with offices and services in North America and Europe – it can be difficult to do so when working schedules don’t line up.

Case in point: a new client recently enlisted our team for local IT support in Sydney. They’re a UK firm with an office here in Australia, and they knew they couldn’t deliver remote IT support within their Sydney office’s schedule.

That’s why they came to us – they were looking for local, expert IT support in NSW, that precisely fit their needs.

We Deliver IT Support That Fits Your Needs

IT services can’t be one-size-fits-all. What one client needs from us won’t work for another client.

That was the case for this UK firm – since they only had the one office and a small team working here in Sydney, they weren’t looking for a fully managed outsourced IT service. That would’ve been a waste of their money.

This is why we offer a flexible, “Pay Your Way IT Support” program, which provides our clients with access to our team of certified and trained IT professionals for an hourly fee. While hourly IT support may not work for some of our clients, it’s exactly what this UK firm was looking for.

The result? Their Sydney office has exactly the level of IT support they need. Their IT systems aren’t complex, and they don’t often require support – but when they do, they know they can call Sydney Technology Solutions for help.

With Sydney Technology Solutions, You Only Pay For What You Need

If you don’t need a fully managed IT service, you shouldn’t be wasting your money paying for one. If you need IT support for a local, single office in Sydney, our team will deliver exactly what you need, helping you to keep costs low.

Don’t waste your money on an unnecessarily large IT service contract any longer – get in touch with Sydney Technology Solutions to start saving money.

Click here to get started or call us at (02) 8212 4722.