Sydney Technology Solutions recently completed a highly sensitive technology project for an Australian-based company on behalf of their United States parent organization.

Our client is a Global Leader in their market. Our client provides tools and support to organizations that require monitoring solutions, helping them achieve their safety goals

Our client needed a leader in information technology services.  They required help moving and migrating their IT to a new office and data center. The company Vice President and Chief Information Officer researched the IT providers in the area and selected STS due to our expertise.  Our client’s CIO works in the United States, and he needed an IT provider he could totally trust to provide the services they needed over 9,300 miles away.

He explained:

“Prior to our selection of STS, we did some brief research on managed service providers in the Sydney area that offered the full range of services we anticipated we might need, including: infrastructure as a service, remote incident management, backup services, server administration, cloud-based collaboration solution provisioning and support.   And potentially, a partner that could assist us on the application side as well with MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) —our current platform.  If we elected to implement a new platform we needed a provider we could rely on to assist us on the infrastructure deployment side of the project.  We ended up only interviewing STS because, based on our research, they definitely stood out as one of the only providers who could assist us across our entire platform.”

Adam and the team at STS completed the following:

  • Risk Identification for critical systems & migration
  • Data Separation & Migration
  • New Premise Review & Preparation
  • Co-ordination of telephony & data requirements
  • Co-ordination of relocation of existing equipment & procurement of required
  • Implementation of Microsoft Office 365
  • Implementation of Microsoft Windows Server 2012
  • Implementation of Cloud Backup facilities
  • Established Remote Access & Connectivity for various and applications

Our client went on to say:

“The fact that STS provided turn-key implementation services was extremely helpful, and it was another reason why we were interested in them.  As a CIO here in the U.S., not being able to be on the ground over there has its limitations. Thus, having a team as knowledgeable and experienced as Adam and the experts from STS has been a HUGE help to me.  All I had to do was provide them basic directions around what we wanted to do with a cloud-based email solution such as Office 365.  With STS’s Microsoft partner relationship, they were able to procure the licenses on our behalf and drive the project all the way to completion.  This made it completely hassle-free for me and my team here in the USA.”

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