Google’s Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers due to its library of extensions that provide extra functionality. It’s a program you should download and use for searching the Web.

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The first thing to do is Sign-in with your Gmail Account to Sync your Bookmarks, History and Saved Passwords. By using a Gmail account to sign-in to Chrome, you can automatically sync your bookmarks and passwords between computers, or even from Chrome on your smartphone.

With Chrome, it’s easy to create Desktop Shortcuts to your Favorite Websites:

Click the Tools menu and select More Tools>Add to Desktop.  It will automatically add the site to your desktop with the website’s logo as a thumbnail for you to easily find.

Use the Incognito Mode to privately search the Web:

Press Ctrl + Shift+ N to stop your browsing history from being recorded by Chrome.

You can quickly navigate through tabs, using your keyboard:

Quickly swap between your different browser tabs using Ctrl + Tab to cycle, or Ctrl + 1 2 3 4 to select a specific tab.

Have fun while your Internet is down!   There’s a secret “Jumping Dinosaur Game” you can play:

Just press the Space Bar to play the Secret Dino Game.  It’s incredibly addicting and will help you burn some time while you’re waiting for the Internet to come back on.

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