The new Outlook 2010 has a number of innovative features in it which will make your life easier. Among all those, Out of Office Assistant is a prominent one where you will see a great difference. With the new Out of Office Assistant which is revamped as Automatic Replies in outlook 2010, the process has been made simpler and more convenient. This is indeed a positive change in outlook as many users have been facing problems in activating Out of Office Assistant when they leave office for long vacation or meeting.

Outlook users of previous version have had a number of issues while using this feature in older versions since it was a little bit tricky.  If you have been using older versions of outlook, you might also face a number of issues with the new arrangements as well. This is because; you won’t find the Out of Office Assistant under the “Tools” tab in outlook 2010 anymore.  Rather, you will find this button under the “File” tab in the “Info” section. You will find your old Out of Office Assistant in this section with new name “Automatic Replies” just below “Account Settings”.

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These are only a few of the changes your will notice in outlook 2010. However, other settings of this feature are almost similar to the previous version where you can either use a default message that you are out of office for the time being or write your own message. You can also fix the duration when it will remain active and also fix an end time after when it will be deactivated. There is also an inside and outside organisation feature in the “Automatic Replies” in case you want to use two different messages for your colleagues and other business counterparts.

So next time, when you are using outlook 2010, look for Automatic Replies instead wasting your time looking for Out of Office Assistant. If you are using Microsoft Exchange instead of Outlook, you will also get the opportunity to use this convenient feature. There are plenty of blogs and videos on this topic from both Microsoft and individual bloggers which you can refer to know more about it as well.

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