credit card breachesCredit card users just can’t seem to catch a break from hackers. The latest attack comes from someone known as Reckz0r, aka Reckz aka Jeremy.

According Zack Whittaker in his article for ZDNet, Reckz0r on June 18, 2012, that he had hacked the personal records of Visa and Mastercard users from various bank records and posted that information on a hacker website. Reckz0r said that he released the names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of more than 1,700 Visa and Mastercard users. He also listed the type of credit card each customer owns.

Although he mentioned Chase as one of the banks whose records he hacked, Reckz0r didn’t limit himself the United States. Foreign bank names appear on the list as well.

Andrew Bay, in response to Reckz0r’s tweet, shares a link to the site from which he says Reckz0r lifted the information. Bay also says that the information had been on the site for at least a week before Reckz0r took credit for releasing it. The site is non-English speaking (the language appears to be Arabic), but one thing that is in English is the name or heading Group 404 Hack.

Releasing the names, home addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers of bank and credit card customers might seem amusing to a hacker, but it’s frightening to the victims. Clearly, as cyber criminals become increasingly adept at penetrating companies’ defenses, IT professionals will have to become equally adept at developing defenses that will keep the hackers at bay.

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