Computer SecurityScam Of The Week: Apple Invoices (Thanks Stu for keeping us aware)

As predicted, holiday scams are at an all-time high. Here is the best example: fake Apple invoices being sent in high volume that claim you have been charged for a large purchase from Apple. If you click on these, they lead to the Blackhole exploit kit that drains your bank account. There are some other innovative attacks doing the rounds too:

  • FDIC spamvertising with ‘Your activity is discontinued’, tricking users into believing that their ability to send Domestic Wire Transfers is disabled;
  • Twitter attacks getting more subtle, where you first need to open the mentioned account to get the payload;
  • Tsunami spam that ‘warns’ users and tells them to click on a link to see the video;
  • More Twitter scams that they are going to start charging for their up to now free service.

Tell your employees to stay safe out there!

This notice is from CyberheistNews Vol 2, 51