What Are Some Of The Great Features Found In Google Chrome?

What are the chances that you’re using Google Chrome to read this article? Pretty high? Google Chrome is one of the top web browsers used by billions of people worldwide. It’s a popular browsing solution, thanks to its speed, security, and simplicity. But beyond that, Chrome comes with several little-known tricks and shortcuts that could potentially make your browsing even easier and more fun. These include:

  • Do math in the Omnibox
  • Create a QR code for any website
  • Enable the Bookmarks bar
  • Click the star to add a name to your bookmarked page and save
  • Leave the names blank for a bar of icons

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Do Math in the Omnibox

Did you know you can type any math problem in the Omnibox and have the answer displayed as a drop-down upon clicking the = sign? Well, now you know! Even better, the Omnibox solves written questions like, “how many inches are in 3 feet?”

Create a QR Code for Any Website

Google recently introduced a new feature to this web browser, enabling users to generate a QR (quick response) code for any website using the app. With this QR Generator, sharing a page or website with other Chrome users will only be a few clicks away.

Enable the Bookmarks Bar

Accessing your saved web pages has never been easier, with Chrome’s ability to enable the bookmarks bar. To achieve this, you simply need to click the menu icon, proceed to “Bookmarks,” and click on “Show Bookmarks Bar.” After enabling it, the bookmarks bar will appear just below the address bar, portraying all your saved web pages.

Click the Star to Add a Name to Your Bookmarked Page and Save It

Some web page URLs may be too complicated to remember even after bookmarking them. Well, Chrome solves this by enabling you to edit the URL as you wish. You can do this by clicking the star in the address bar, name the bookmark, and select the location where you’d like to save it.

Leave the Names Blank for a Bar of Icons

Our final trick is allowing the bookmark bar only to show the website icon and not the text. The idea is to create room to bookmark more sites because the space is usually limited.

Wrap Up!

Hopefully, this short yet comprehensive post was insightful, and it helped you learn a thing or two about this cross-platform web browser, Chrome. If you wish to discover more tricks, tips, and shortcuts, be sure to bookmark our site for timely updates. Better still, you can get in touch with our team for further guidance on matters of information technology services.