There are two different meanings to the term ‘Cloud computing.’ The general term ‘Cloud Computing’ refers to data, email, programs, contacts, calendars etc. being saved and accessed within the internet.

There are a few different commercial services which offer cloud computing; Google being one of the most common.

The “Private Cloud” refers to these services being offered and contained within one single enterprise.

There are many benefits to Cloud Computing, one being information can be accessed from anywhere there is avalid internet connection. This does away with needing to take home stacks of paper from the office at night, carrying around a daytimer for appointments and scribbling down a client’s phone number or email address before leaving the office. Because everything in the cloud is accessed over an internet connection, you can access these types of things from your home computer or even laptop halfway across the world.

Although this system makes information sharing and gathering much easier, safety has been a question. There have been many questions floating around as to if Cloud computing is safe. Many people suggest that using Google or other larger enterprises is unsafe for storing critical data.

When dealing with things such as credit card numbers and clients personal information, it is critical that this stays private.

This is where the private cloud is beneficial. Because information is stored in exactly that, a “Private Cloud” no one else besides your staff has access to your information. The ‘cloud space’ isn’t shared with other users and is essentially a safe place to store data.

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