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If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 yet, these features may just convince you to do so.

  1. The All-In-One Notification Centre

Click the Notification Icon on the bottom right of your Task Bar Window and you’ll get a pop-out panel that allows you to customize all your notifications easily.  It works for notifications from your system, as well as practically any Windows application you might be using.

  1. Microsoft’s Built-In PDF Printer

You can easily create PDF Files by simply selecting “Microsoft Print to PDF” from your list of devices, and Windows 10 will quickly generate a new pdf of your document.  You no longer need Adobe or other third-party software to generate a pdf.

  1. Snap-Assist Window Management Re-Sizer

With Windows 10 you can forget about manually resizing individual windows on your screen.  You can simply drag and drop to the top or side of your monitor to snap the window in place, making it incredibly easy to manage your desktop window.

  1. Microsoft GameDVR

This application lets you record your screen into just about any application on your computer. Hold down the Windows Key and press the letter G to immediately bring up a new screen-recording interface that will easily let you record and share videos with whoever you want.

  1. Cortana Virtual Assistant

This is Microsoft’s “Crown Jewel” of features. Besides keeping you up to date with the latest news, weather or traffic alerts, Cortana can take full control of your email system if you wish.  This means you can use Cortana from everything such as booking meetings to dictating notes or sending emails to your client without ever touching your keyboard. (Check out the video we posted a few weeks ago that highlights many of the features in Cortana.)

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