The new Windows 8 has more than 300 features in it which make it more productive, efficient and useful. However, most of the users and testers would agree that the new operating system is more suitable for a touch computer or a smartphone, and it is really awesome for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Yammer and so on.  But you will need to know a few tricks and tips to make the most out of Windows 8 if you love your social media sites. In the following, we will be sharing some of those.

Windows 8 makes a serious attempt to keep you connected all the time. So, when you turn on your PC, you are always in touch with your friends, emails and messages. However, you will need to link all your accounts for this to happen. The best way to link your accounts is to use the Express settings that you will find when you set up your Windows 8 account for the first time.

From here, you can import contacts and emails from Gmail, Yahoo and other accounts. After this, Windows will automatically find out your contacts on any social networks to which you have linked. This is really easy and convenient. When you link your accounts, it becomes really easy for you to share what you want. You will be able share all of your Twitter feeds and Flickr pictures once you link them to your Windows 8 account.  Whenever you turn on your PC, all these will appear right on the tiled desktop of Windows 8. Besides accounts, you can also link any instant messaging accounts like MSN along with your Facebook and always stay in touch with your friends.

So, start with importing all your contacts from email accounts as well as chat sessions. Next to this, you will need to verify the email address that you will use to log into the Windows 8 accounts. Once you are done with the verification, Microsoft will let you import more contacts from Outlook or a CSV file.  After this, you are all set to enjoy all social networks with Windows 8.