WindowsThe much awaited windows server 2012 is all suited up to make its appearance in the global market on September 4, 2012. A number of credible sources from both inside and outside of Microsoft have confirmed that the windows server 2012 which was nicknamed Windows Server 8 is almost complete and it is already sent to production on August 1, 2012.  This is indeed great news for the people who have been looking for a Windows Server well suited for cloud operating system.

As usual, there are four editions of windows server 2012 although it will not include the Enterprise, Web, Small Business Server and HPC editions. Even after that, this version will have some amazing features which will still keep the loyal clients happy. The user interface of the server 2012 will be a new thing for the users which has an interface similar to Metro. The server manager in it has been redesigned with an emphasis on easing management of multiple servers. In addition to that, the task manager in this edition is also a new surprise which comes in different modes giving an exciting feeling that we got earlier from the Windows Aero feature.  Beside looks, the windows server also has powerful capacity to manage IP address named IPAM which can discover, monitor, audit and manage the IP addresses in the network more efficiently and automatically.  In addition to these, the windows 2012 server will have a number of updated features in it such as the Active Directory, Hyper-V ReFS or Resilient File System and many more.

The developers have also indicated there will be a number of changes in the instalment process of this Windows Server 2012. It will have Server Code and Graphical (GUI) installation options.  However, Microsoft has indicated that Windows Server 2012 will support only 64-bit which might put a number of people in urgent need to upgrade their hardware.  But people will need to wait a couple of more days as Microsoft will start their campaign on this product and start demonstrating their new marvel.  Meanwhile, you can try out the release candidate of the next version of Windows Server.

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