The Mayan apocalypse was a non-event however, the Windows XP apocalypse will occur on April 8, 2014 and joining in the festivities with Windows XP is Microsoft Office 2003.

The Windows XP apocalypse isn’t going to crash your computer or cause your business to crumble, but what this important date symbolizes is the end of support for Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003.

Your computer will continue to boot up and run, you can still create documents and use your computer, however, if you need support from Microsoft, forget it. Microsoft’s support of these long standing products is officially over.

Sure, we are over a year away and your business still has time to make the move, however, for larger corporations, we need to start planning and testing critical business applications now to ensure that your programs and applications will run properly on Windows 7 or Windows 8.

IDC released a great report on the risk to business if you decide to hold onto Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003 for too long.  Click here to read the IDC report.

You can also watch a great 15 minute video with Al Gillen from IDC on mitigating risk and why sticking with Windows XP is a bad idea for business.

Would you like to see what the ROI is when your business upgrades to Windows 7?  Click here to take a free risk assessment.

As your local Microsoft Windows Partner, our team is here to help ensure you get the most from your technology investments. Contact us to learn more about upgrading and replacing Windows XP in your business.

Don’t put your business at risk by ignoring the risks associated with the Windows XP apocalypse. We can help you.