STS & Microsoft Lync™— A Powerful Combination That Helps You Do More With Less!

If yours is like most businesses in and around Sydney, you need to stay connected to your clients, business associates, workmates, suppliers, vendors, and countless others to collaborate and get your work done.  Plus you need to do this wherever you are — in your office, at home, during your commute, and when traveling. Until now this required using computing and mobile devices along using a multitude of applications such as email, contact lists, calendars, messaging, photo-sharing, online meeting tools, and more.  But now you can do more with less. 

With STS & Microsoft Lync you can be connected to a workforce with tens, hundreds, even thousands of people, quickly and effectively from virtually anywhere.

Lync’s unified experience and STS’s expertise facilitates your company’s ability to use a full range of communications from a single platform that reduces both capital and operational costs.

STS’s single integrated platform of products includes Microsoft®Lync™ Server 2013 & Microsoft® Lync Online so you and your employees can:

  • Work anywhere, across all your computing and mobile devices, while connecting to people via multiparty HD video-conferencing in real time.    
  • Connect with others through enhanced instant messaging (IM) that allows you to access and share information with video calls, web meetings, photos, screen sharing, your availability status, and location.
  • Make voice calls through your computer to other Lync or Skype users internally and externally. Others can participate in your Lync conferences even if they don’t use Lync or Microsoft Office 365.

Plus STS Can Integrate Lync with Microsoft Office For Greater Collaboration Capabilities

  • Lync Server 2010 works with Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server, and Microsoft Office applications for a more collaborative experience with click-to-call options, and new Contact Cards.
  • The new Office Backstage™ view integrates communication options so you and your authorized employees can share documents and presentations via instant messaging, share the application itself, or click to call directly from an application.
  • Hold enhanced virtual meetings where you can schedule a meeting from Microsoft Outlook® and join through Lync 2010 via the PC, phone, or Web interface. Lync Server 2010 enables participants to share presentations, annotate slides, superimpose text, and use visual pointers with enhanced video and audio. Plus you have the option to create ad hoc meetings, moving from an IM conversation, to a Live Meeting, directly from the Lync interface.
  • Lync Server 2010 also has a standalone voice offering to enhance or replace traditional PBX systems, and extends these capabilities outside the office via Internet access.

In this technology-driven world, you’re expected to do more with less, so shouldn’t you expect your computing and mobile devices to do more as well? YES, You should! And, you should contact Sydney Technology Services today about our powerful Microsoft Lync™ Package of Services.