If you’re looking to add internet only SD-WAN to your IT network, have you evaluated this solution to ensure that it gives your organisation what it needs?

Many organisations today are either enmeshed in transformative technology or thinking about how to add new technology to their systems. Some companies have been deploying Software-Defined Wide-Area Networking (SD-WAN) technology in addition to internet connections as a solution to a wide range of legacy network issues including security, performance, and ease of deployment at the edge. With a promise of simplified application performance management and network flexibility, it’s not a surprise that it’s become a popular choice.

While SD-WAN has seen impressive growth recently, with some reports calling it “the most disruptive technology of 2019,” organisations should still stop and think carefully about what they’re doing.

Just like cloud-based technology by itself isn’t enough to support businesses, internet-only SD-WAN is not the be all and end all solution either. That’s why Sydney Technology Solutions is recommending a Hybrid Secure SD-WAN to leverage a Hybrid Networking approach. This concept couples SD-WAN with traditional Private IP (MPLS) and internet connections.

Why is this important?

It’s important because internet-only SD-WAN solves only one part of the issue. Despite publicity, technology has not been able to stay abreast with the pace of the evolving workforce of the future, mobile and digital. Poor speeds and a network infrastructure that’s unscalable cause issues related to governance and security as well as impacting growth and innovation.

With an easily deployable solution in internet-only SD-WAN, why do organisations need to think twice?

Finding the right solution is a complex task. Organisations need to take the time to fully evaluate the networks and applications they need to support their long-term growth and geographic requirements. Even more important, SD-WAN expands an organisation’s attack surface significantly, raising the risk of a cyber attack.

According to Fortinet’s Threat Landscape Report, the average organisation suffers 20 cyber attacks each year, four of which result in breaches that cause damages such as data loss, downtime, or compliance issues.

Therefore, adopting a Hybrid Networking approach that uses Hybrid Secure SD-WAN will enable you to get the maximum security, control, and value from your existing assets plus the new SD-WAN technology.

Sydney Technology Solutions is a respected and experienced provider of IT network solutions based in Sydney, Australia, with a team of expert technicians ready to help custom-design, implement and manage the right SD-WAN and hybrid networking solution for your organisation.

What is Hybrid SD-WAN?

Sydney Technology Solutions can offer a Hybrid Networking solution package. This package is a combination of traditional MPLs infrastructure with added SD-WAN technology and internet solutions. The hybrid nature of this package enables organisations to create bespoke networking solutions which include management of existing networks, private IPs in combination with MPLs and SD-WAN hybrids, deployment of Secure Hybrid SD-WAN, and carrier-agnostic communications.

What is the Advantage to Hybrid SD-WAN?

With a combination of MPLs, SD-WAN, and internet connectivity, your organisation will receive huge benefits in exchange for very little investment.

  • You can leverage internet connections and existing MPLs networks to deliver reliable, high-speed connections for external and internal traffic.
  • You can use SD-WAN to route traffic to where it needs to go more effectively by creating an aggregate bandwidth, have network visibility and control, and improve security over the entire system.
  • You can eliminate the need for traditional WAN firewalls, routers, and costly static hardware where no longer needed.

The combination of traditional networking and SD-WAN offers an opportunity to maximise performance and ensure the best ROI from the new and the existing assets. Contact us to find out more.