Businesses in Sydney and surrounding areas are always looking for more cost-effective ways to use information technology.  The cloud has opened the doors for many of these companies to take advantage of “large-company” IT solutions without the “large” price tag.  With Shared Hosting Solutions provided by Sydney Technology Solutions, these businesses can now benefit from a wide range of IT solutions.

The STS Shared Hosting Solution provides a secure and reliable cloud platform that’s shared with other businesses.  Although your business IT resources are shared, your business information remains separate and secured.

To get a better idea about how this works consider this scenario:  In most office or apartment buildings, resources are shared with other tenants, although you still maintain your own office or residence.  Resources such as maintenance and landscaping are sharing with all the tenants in the building.

Shared Hosting by STS is similar.  Although you may share a physical resource in the STS data centre, your work environment is yours and no one else can access your cloud services. STS Shared Hosting reduces your IT expensive, eliminates worries about your IT system, and offers a fully managed IT environment supported by certified professionals.

Shared Hosting by STS Provides:

  • A lower cost alternative to traditional IT systems
  • A dedicated team of IT professionals who maintain all systems
  • Secure access to your company information regardless of your location
  • A backed up environment eliminating data backup worries