Short Term Cover

Adam Rippon

Is your business in need of short term cover?

Do you have a technology professional who is away on vacation? STS provides a team of professionals for short term cover to businesses throughout Sydney and across Australia.

When your IT professional is away, STS Short Term Cover services ensures your company has a resource to take care of things in his/her absence. These services aren’t designed to replace your existing IT professional, but to help ensure continuity of the services your staff members are accustomed to receiving.

In addition, STS can provide short term cover to IT teams who are considering a special project or need to travel to one of your remote locations. While your IT professional is away, STS can offer that failover level of support when users need help.

Are you looking for a technology company who can offer you the short-term coverage your business needs from time-to-time? STS can provide this unique service for your business.