Web Hosting Services

Adam Rippon

Sydney Technology Solutions provides offers two Industry Standard Web Hosting solutions to suit your needs and budget. Below is a quick review of each service.

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Linux Hosting:
Sydney Technology Solutions offers the cPanel control panel running on a custom Red Hat Linux operating system and Apache Web Server. Sydney Technology Solutions engineerin a stable and robust solution. cPanel is a feature rich GUI interface which enables simplified administration.

Windows Hosting:
Sydney Technology Solutions offers the Helm Control Panel running on Microsoft’s Windows 2003 Web Server featuring ASP and ASP.NET.

Linux or Windows – Which one is right for me?
Firstly let us get the biggest myth out of the way. If you are running Windows at your home or office, does not mean you need Windows as your hosting platform.

Both the Linux and Windows based servers are the two most common platforms of operating systems in the world. Linux uses the web server software Apache, whilst Windows uses IIS. Each has it’s own pros and cons.

Currently, the most popular is Linux/Apache. Why? – It is very stable and robust and considered by many the best ‘Industry Standard’ Web Hosting solution. Linux running Apache also offers the use  of powerful scripting tools such as PHP, MySQL and more.

However, if you are using Active Server Pages (ASP) or the ASP .NET architecture, then you will need to host on a Windows based server. There are some emulators for running ASP on Linux servers, however they do not work the best and often conflict with other software. There are plenty of options written in ASP/ASP.NET and normally easier for the end-user than the Linux alternatives, which normally requires a bit more work to get running.

Generally, if you don’t require ASP or ASP .NET architecture, then we recommend Linux/Apache. However look at what features both offer and suit the best for your needs. If your in doubt, please contact us with your requirements and intentions and we will be more than happy to advise you on the solution which best suits your needs.