Technology Consultancy

Adam Rippon

Are you happy with your IT consultancy company? Do they provide your business with the response you require? Are you getting the expert guidance you need to make informed business decisions?

STS provides IT consultancy services to businesses, both small and large, in the Sydney metro area and across Australia

Our consultancy services will provide you with the expertise you need to make informed IT business decisions, while ensuring your staff has everything necessary to perform their day-to-day duties.

Many businesses rely on STS to provide the information and knowledge that allows them to make sound business decisions. As your trusted IT advisor, STS will ensure all your bases are covered. We will help you choose the right Internet provider, the right cloud service, or even the right IT Company to work alongside your organisation.

This is our commitment to our clients.

We provide them with our knowledge and expertise, which allows them to make sound business decisions. As your trusted consultancy organisation, we will provide you with solutions that meet your needs, not the solution that pay us the best incentives. This is not our focus. Our primary focus is on you and your business.

While many IT consultancy firms in Sydney say this, STS has the proven track record to back up our claims.